Hard Rock Is The New Swedish Folk Music

As I’m currently lacking shows to attend, I thought I’d list some of the many great bands from up here in the north! :)

  • Treat (1983-present)
Caught their set at Väsby Rock Festival this summer and really enjoyed it! :)

 Song: Conspiracy

  • Easy Action (1983-1986)
The first Swedish band ever to be signed to a US major record deal!
Great glam rock band, and I'd love to see a reunion show at some point.
Song: Rock On Rockers

  • Shotgun Messiah (1985-1993)

We saw a latter incarnation of the band, now named Shotgun, playing their last ever show at Väsby Rock Festival this year. A bit sad, but also exciting to see them. :)

Song: Nervous

  • Europe (1981-1992, 2004-present)

The band I’ve seen live the most times, great live act. And you know, they’ve actually done more than “that bloody fanfare”.

Song: Girl From Lebanon

  • Crashdïet (2000-present)

I’ve listened to them since 2006 and have yet to see them live. For some reason it’s just not happened!

 Song: Breakin The Chainz

  • H.e.a.t (2007-present)

Saw them at Stockholm Rocks earlier this year, and they were so energetic live. Great live!
I like their new album Tearing Down The Walls that was released earlier this year, it’s really good.

Song: Point Of No Return

  • Dynazty (2007-present)
Great metal band! I love their two recent albums Sultans Of Sin and Renatus. Haven't seen them live yet, but I'd like to!

 Song: Sultans Of Sin

  •  Hardcore Superstar (1997-present)

I and my partner in crime, Lynn, managed seeing them 3 times in a year. Twice as a support act, and once on a shared bill. They’re a great live act, very energetic, and the song Moonshine kind of became our warm-up for the shows.

 Song: Moonshine


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