Music of 2014

Here are three albums released this year that I’ve listened a lot to. :)

Paul Rodgers – The Royal Sessions

I love Paul Rodgers’ voice, it’s matured nicely over the years. Amazing. The Royal Sessions is a great album where Paul got to record some of the songs that inspired him, together with some of the musicians who did the original recordings. The album was recorded at Royal Studios in Memphis, and it’s got a really nice warm soul/blues vibe to it.

My personal favourites from the album are the Memphis version of Free’s 1968 classic Walk In My Shadow, Born Under A Bad Sign and I Thank You.

Now onto the next album. I know, I go from blues to metal without blinking.

Dynazty – Renatus

This is my favourite album of theirs, along with their Sultans Of Sin album from 2012. Renatus is ‘rebirth’/’reborn’ in Latin, and it describes the album quite well. Since the last album, Dynazty has got a new bass player and the sound is also heavier and darker on this album. Singer Nils Molin’s voice reminds me a bit of Ronnie James Dio sometimes, Jonathan Olsson and George Egg’s rhythm part is tight and heavy, and I love the harmony between Love Magnusson’s and Mike Lavér’s guitars. They’ve also brought in some keyboard in the sound which lighten up the songs nicely.

I like all the songs on the album, but the opening track Cross The Line, The Northern End and Incarnation probably are my favourites.


H.e.a.t – Tearing Down The Walls

This album is really easy to listen to and the lyrics are catchy. The songs vary from stomp-and clap-along friendly A Shot At Redemption to heavy Inferno, to All The Nights where you can see yourself holding up a lighter waving along. It’s a nice mixture that keeps your attention throughout the album. The harmonies are fantastic as well, definitely worth mentioning.

My favourites are the explosive opening track Point Of No Return, We Will Never Die with its massive harmonies, and heavy Enemy In Me.

I’ll include this song as well before finishing, I heard it this morning and it caught my attention: Joe Bonamassa’s Different Shades Of Blue from the new album with the same name.
Really nice blues track, which reminds me a bit of Gary Moore’s Still Got The Blues.


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