Merry Christmas!

Being a florist in town's biggest flower shop in December is quite demanding. I've worked almost the whole month and it's been really hectic but we managed well. Now with two days off I've put my feet up and am doing absolutely nothing!

Now at the end of the year I've looked back, and 2014 has been great. Sure, much work like always, but I've also had some great moments with friends and been to some amazing shows.
2015 looks promising already, and I'm hoping for even more.
Europe will release their 10th studio album War Of Kings, I'm looking forward to hearing it and to see them live at some point during the year as well. My boss yelled at me for not taking her with me last time I saw them, so I and my stalwart Lynn might get company!
We do have some tickets for shows already, though:
January: Queen + Adam Lambert
February: Hardcore Superstar
March: Sting & Paul Simon
June: Mark Knopfler
July: Elton John and AC/DC


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