Stone Cold Crazy You Know!

Went to my first gig of 2015 on Wednesday, Queen + Adam Lambert at the Hydro in Glasgow. WOW! If you like Queen and consider attending a show, do it! It’s worth it! If I could I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

We got some nice places on second row by the barrier along the runway which meant we had great view over the whole stage, which cleverly was shaped like a Q (See photos). The intro to One Vision began playing and as the song began the curtain fell and out came the band to a loud cheer from the Glasgow crowd. They all were in great shape and seemed to have fun up there, and ‘new boy’ Adam Lambert was very confident strutting around in his leather outfit with studs and sunglasses.

I have seen Queen twice before with Paul Rodgers, I wasn’t around when the original lineup toured.
I’ll confess I wasn’t overly keen on Adam when he first was announced as their new singer as I really loved what Paul Rodgers did with them, but I was impressed! I’d say this is more glam and perhaps closer to the original. Adam seem to have grown into the role which was great to see. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, but I was completely blown away by that energy!

The second song was Stone Cold Crazy, followed by the groovy Another One Bites The Dust and Fat Bottomed Girls with Adam flirting with the female fans.
I have to compliment the crowd; they were in great voice singing along loud and proud from start to finish, as it should be!

In The Lap Of The Gods was a nice surprise that had the Hydro singing the 'Woah woah la la la woah' as if their lives depended on it, and Seven Seas Of Rhye sounded amazing as well. I love the early material, so nice to hear those songs live 2015!
Killer Queen was a fun number with Adam draped over the purple chaise lounge fanning himself while singing, like a queen, then looking impressed when Brian came over to play the solo. I love when bands don't take things too seriously! 

The cue for Somebody To Love was Adam saying he hoped to find somebody to love tonight, to a massive cheer once again. He later said he knew he’d hoped to find somebody to love, but not expected to get his bum pinched by a lady whom he had a perhaps too close encounter with by the barrier! I couldn’t stop laughing!

Brian came out to do Love Of My Life, holding up his selfie stick but threw it away explaining he wanted a photo of the crowd without himself in it, and took a panorama photo, checked it and suggested he'd take another one. So we got to cheer for his phone twice!
He put the phone away and thanked us for coming out, and was happy to see the variation of fans of all ages. Honestly, that man has to stop being so humble! Realise it Bri, people love you, you don’t need to sit there; “After all those years, and you’re still there!” Of course the fans come out to see you! :)
He began Love Of My Life with the words “This was written by a friend of mine, he’s called Freddie. Had he been around had he been here next to me”. The atmosphere was so emotional and so full of love, you had to be there.

’39 was introduced as a song about travelling in space and for that you need some great astronauts, so Brian called out Roger, Rufus, Spike and Neil to help him out. The sing-along was fantastic, again, great crowd!

Roger took over the vocals for These Are The Days Of Our Lives, with video clips from back in the day showed on the big screens. After that Neil played a fantastic swinging bass solo, and then followed the much anticipated ‘drum battle’ between father and son Taylor, with Roger at a kit up front, and Rufus using the other one at the back. Under Pressure followed, and Adam came back out onstage again to duet with Roger.

I was gladly surprised to hear both Save Me and Who Wants To Live Forever in the set, the latter one had a phenomenal light show to it and the atmosphere in the crowd again was quite emotional! Brian played his solo and Last Horizon, as it should be at a Queen show, and the band came back on to burst into the rocking Tie Your Mother Down with Rufus on daddy’s drums bashing away while Roger played the maracas!

The rocker I Want It All and Radio Ga Ga sounded great and like always it’s so hypnotising to witness the clapathon during the latter, everyone joined in!
Crazy Little Thing Called Love was a funny one as well, Adam danced a little with a lady and kissed her hand, and she was over the moon dancing away and jumping!
Adam sang Bohemian Rhapsody seemingly effortless along with Freddie, singing one verse each, and the crowd shouted along to the opera part that was showed on the big screen.

Suddenly the lights went out and band went off stage before the encores, and I just wanted to stop the time. It went way too fast!
A single light came on at the smaller stage, and there stood a guy with a bag pipe! Of course, as it’s in Glasgow! He began playing and the crowd soon recognised the melody – The guy played We Will Rock You. On bagpipe! How rock ‘n’ roll is that?!
The crowd chanted WE WILL ROCK YOU over and over again along with the guy’s playing until the band appeared to the loud drumming, with Adam in a leopard suit and crown on his head.

They finished with the essential We Are The Champions and gold confetti rained over the happy audience. The band gathered and thanked the crowd, and after they’d walked off people stood still for a moment, as if they couldn’t believe it was over already. I couldn’t believe it myself! 

When coming out from the venue we were met by Heavy rain. We zipped the jackets and began our 30 minute walk back to our hotel as fast as we could, with literal storm winds against us and seemingly endless rain. I couldn’t help but laugh as we jumped over puddles and ducked the water from the passing cars.
We got soaking wet and it was freezing but I couldn’t care less; I had seen Queen and Adam Lambert! :)



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