Valentine's Day Goes Metal

Valentine’s Day is one of the most hectic days of the year for florists, and it was indeed much to do at work where we were open two extra hours for the sake of love.
The day doesn’t end there though, because that would have been a rubbish entry, right?

I and my loyal gig company Lynn went to Katalin to see Hardcore Superstar in the evening. Katalin is in my opinion Uppsala’s best venues for concerts – It’s small, but the atmosphere is amazing.
I like all kinds of gigs, arena gigs are fantastic, but I actually think I prefer those smaller intimate ones. They have such a great vibe to them.

Anyway. Hardcore Superstar came on 9-ish, determined to blow the roof off the building. The intro to This Worm’s For Ennio began and went into Moonshine where the singer Jocke came on, and Katalin literally exploded into a massive cheer and bouncing mass of people. Dreamin’ In A Casket was one of the following songs, and both the band and the audience were on their feet and had a great time throughout the show.

We have seen Hardcore Superstar twice as support act and once on a shared bill, so this was the first time we saw them properly. I love their presence onstage, no matter if you’re at the barrier or stand further back, you feel you’re part of it. They’re very interactive with the audience as well – drinking from people’s bottles, trying their hats and borrowing their phones to film from the stage, for example.
Adde’s drumming and Martin’s relaxed bass sound makes such a great foundation for the songs, along with Vic’s furious guitar (and guitar faces!) and Jocke’s screeching vocals on top of that.
The fun they have up there adds a lot to the general atmosphere as well.
The variation of fans was quite big, from teenagers to older middle-age. There were some fans dressed in leather, studs and make-up, and some in regular shirt and jeans. You had all kinds of people there.
Some people tested my patience; Sure, having a drink while relaxing and listening to the music is nice. But I honestly don’t get the necessity of getting completely pissed and then lift each other up to “see better” (we’re talking adult men, on second row by the barrier...) and jump through the crowd pushing people who are smaller than you. Sure, jump along and have fun, but don’t accuse me for elbowing you when you try to push me into a guy who is at least one head taller than me.
They also played Wild Boys, Guestlist and Someone Special, to mention a few more songs, which sounded great!
Above The Law had some great singing along and many fists punching the air, before the band went off for the encores. People chanted ONE MORE TIME over and over until they returned to play Run To Your Mama, which was the only slow song they did. It sounded amazing, I love it live. Jocke let the audience sing much of it and people sang as if their lives depended on it. Well, sang...I mean shouted!

The single Glue from the coming album was played and it sounded phenomenal, much appreciated by everyone. Worked great live!
Last Call For Alcohol followed, again with great sing-along by the crowd. The band also invited people up on stage for a drink (No, we chickened out.) which was great fun, there were many big smiles up there.

The last song was We Don’t Celebrate Sundays, and suddenly they went off. Don’t ask me what happened to those 90 minutes, I could have swore they just came on! 
It was a great night out, this band is a great energy boost! Do check them out if you haven’t done that already. :)


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