Sting & Paul Simon

Didn't see that coming, eh?

Sting and Paul Simon have toured together about a year, and on Friday March 20th they played at Ericsson Globe, Stockholm.
Initially it was me and my dear mother going, but she had a knee joint replacement recently and would never be able to get there. So I brought Lynn, my partner in crime, instead.
Our seats were in the B section. In other words, quite high up and on the other end of the venue. The view was great though, despite you feel like you'll fall over when you rise from the seat!
They really need to do something about the seats by the way, extremely uncomfortable. That reminds me why I prefer standing.
The show was sold out basically, I heard it was about 13 000 people in the audience.

Sting and Paul Simon came on at 19:30, and they played for approximately three hours! Three fecking hours! They had a 16 piece band with musicians from respective touring bands, and it sounded great! I’ve seen Sting twice before and it was the first time seeing Paul Simon.
They played a few smaller sets where they performed their own songs, and also joined in singing each other’s songs as well.
Some of the songs were the classics Englishman In New York, Fields Of Gold, The Boy In The Bubble, Mrs Robinson, Message In A Bottle, Desert Rose and The Boxer, to name a few.

Paul Simon danced a little on the spot with his guitar sometimes, looking so relaxed. I can’t believe he’s 72! Amazing. :) He sounds great to this day. And Sting held some notes ridiculously long, what a voice. And it was nice to hear them singing each other's songs too, worked really well!

You Can Call Me Al  was played before the encores, and you could see people standing up dancing, it's such a catchy tune!
Every Breath You Take and Bridge Over Troubled Water was two of the encores, and the latter was really beautiful live!

A bit more sophisticated than our usual gigs but it was nice! Nice way to spend a Friday night!
Great lights too, has to be said!


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