Whitesnake - The Purple Album

Much going on at my end these days. We’re open 7 days a week now until mid-June, which means I spend most of my time at work. Mother’s Day in two weeks, and then comes the graduations.
Have loads of gigs coming up now during the summer, the perfect escape from the everyday life! Can’t wait until my next.

I received Whitesnake’s new album, The Purple Album, today. Yes, it’s modern takes on Deep Purple songs and I’ve seen some of the reviews. I don’t think it’s a rubbish album, I like it. I have grown up with both Deep Purple and Whitesnake, with a father being a fan of theirs. One of Dad’s favourite Purple albums is Stormbringer, from which many of these songs come from. I got him a copy as well!

It doesn’t sound like Deep Purple, and that’s not what it’s meant to sound either. This is, like David Coverdale has said, homage to his former colleagues and mentors in Deep Purple. And of course a tribute to the late Jon Lord, who wanted to see a reunion of that lineup once he’d recovered from his cancer. Sadly that never happened, but this is a nice tribute. The songs have stood the test of time, they will always live on. That’s how classic rock works.

David Coverdale's voice isn't what it was in the 70s and I think it's sad people can't get over that. Come on, this man is in his 60s, of course his voice has changed over the years. And I think his voice works perfectly well for rock 'n' roll to this day.
Reb Beach, Joel Hoekstra, Michael Devin and Tommy Aldridge have all done a great job and added their touch to it, Whitesnake 2015 sounds really good to me!
Roll on November!


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