My first gig since March, guess if I was excited!

Hard Rock Café in Stockholm celebrated their 30th anniversary in Kungsträdgården on Sunday at an event called Smaka På Stockholm (Taste Stockholm). There would be a free gig in the evening with three acts, and we thought it'd be nice with something to take our minds off work.

The first band out was called Beside The Bridge and it was a bunch of guys in their early 20s. My first thought upon seeing them was boy band, but not necessarily in a bad way. They weren’t too bad, it was more pop than rock perhaps but it was quite easy to listen to. They had their own fan club at the front as well, that was the best part of their set. The girls screamed hysterically whenever they opened their mouths to say something. Quite entertaining!

Beside The Bridge played perhaps 30 minutes and then the stage was prepared for the next act, named Riot Horse. They are influenced by the 70s bands, such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The band looked like they came straight from the 70s and had a nice vibe to them. And of course a good sound, as I’m being a classic rock geek.
Just as they came on it began raining, typical! We braved the weather and hid under my umbrella and enjoyed their set that way instead. ‘Medicine Man’ was dedicated to the “wonderful women out there”, and we cheered them on! They played some good stuff, might need to check them out.

It stopped raining before the main act H.e.a.t came on around 20:45, and they were in great shape having played at Sweden Rock Festival a few days earlier. So nice to see them again, they’re such a great live band.
The first song was "Point Of No Return" which is one of my favourites. Needless to say, I went bananas. From that moment and onwards throughout their set we found ourselves singing – sorry – screaming along to the songs, headbanging, punching the air and bouncing about there by the chain at the front. We had a blast!
Some of the other songs were "A Shot At Redemption", "Better Off Alone", "It’s All About Tonight", "Inferno", "Tearing Down The Walls" (with some nice singalong by the crowd!), "Mannequin Show", "Beg Beg Beg" (With a snippet of Highway Star) and "Living On The Run".

There were big smiles all around onstage, and that atmosphere affected the crowd as well, everyone was happy. Jona Tee (Keyboards), Eric Rivers (Guitar), Jimmy Jay (Bass) and Crash (Drums) are great musicians and vocalist Erik Grönwall has that showman charisma, always up to mischief.  He’s like a bloody Duracell rabbit, no kidding. He never slowed down! If he wasn’t jumping or strutting around then he was goofing about for the camera man, shadow boxing and interacting with people on the first few rows. He bent down and picked a pink Surfinia (Sorry, florist 24/7 here you know) from the flower boxes on the edge of the stage and threw it out in our direction, but the wind caught it and we of course didn’t have arms long enough to reach it. Nice try though!
Of course it began raining again, but I couldn’t be arsed getting the umbrella out of the bag again, so we stood there with wet hairs and rain running in our eyes but we couldn’t care less because we had so much fun! It didn’t rain for very long though, luckily!  

Sadly time just flew by like always when you’re having fun, I’d loved to have seen a longer set.
What a great night out though! Happy 30th Anniversary, Hard Rock Café Stockholm! Hoping for many more! \m/




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