Space Invader

The one and only Ace Frehley played at Gröna Lund in Stockholm on Wednesday 17th of June. Last time he played there was in 1976.

Despite coming on at 20:30 instead of 20:00 as it was announced, and the rain was in the air, the crowd was excited to see Kiss' old guitar hero. He seemed to do well health-wise and his playing was superb! Ace's sound is so distinctive, you immediately hear it's him playing. Amazing!

They began with Rocket Ride and the whole band was involved in singing during the set. The atmosphere within the band felt tight and they seem to have fun together. Fellow guitarist Richie Scarlet, drummer Scot Coogan and bass player Chris Wyse played like their lives depended on it! Scot did a great job singing the classics Love Gun and Strutter, and the crowd cheered the most whenever they played the Kiss songs.
Some of the songs they played were Deuce, Space Invader, Toys, Rock Soldiers and Snow Blind, to mention a few.  We got to hear Ace laugh that famous laugh of his, too. Worth mentioning! 

I've seen the recent lineup of Kiss twice and I finally got to cross Ace off the list of musicians I want to see, and he was better solo than I'd actually expected him to be! 


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