We Are The Sultans Of Swing

On Saturday I saw a man from my childhood - Mark Knopfler. Mum has listened to him since the Dire Straits era and that music has been played frequently at home throughout the years. 

Last night he played a sold out show in the botanical gardens in Uppsala, for approximately 8000 people. The two hour long concert was great but the aging, balding crowd was a disappointment. 
Alright, Mark Knopfler doesn't move much onstage or play very upbeat songs but really, people. You're seeing a world class guitarist and spend the time staring down at your drinks and clap your hands politely when the songs finish? 
I was stood somewhere in the middle and I found the response quite poor. Perhaps the cold weather and drinks caused disinterest.

Mark Knopfler is one of the world's finest guitarists with that distinctive sound and technique. The Scotsman takes you on a journey telling stories through the songs along with those folk music melodies.

Some of the classics like Romeo and Juliet, Sultans Of Swing, Telegraph Road and Speedway At Nazareth were played,  as well as songs off the more recent albums. The sound was great for being held outdoors, too. Mark and the band did a great job this chilly evening, and I'm happy to have seen him, this voice and guitarist from my childhood. 


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