Väsby Rock Festival 2015

Spent two wonderful days at Väsby Rock Festival last week, full of great music and amazing atmosphere. This is probably Sweden's friendliest rock festival! And the variation of bands were great as well.

We went there mainly for H.e.a.t and W.A.S.P but I also discovered the US band Heaven And Earth. I had only read about them in music magazines, but not heard them until then. Well, from the first song I was completely sold. Their sound is something between Deep Purple and Bad Company, that classic rock sound. I can't recall last time I fell in love with a band like this. I bought their Dig album on vinyl after their set and got it signed as well, really lovely bunch of people! 

I won't review all the acts because it would become an extremely long post, so I'll post photos instead! 

Ludvig Turner - Väsby Rock Allstars 

Väsby Rock Allstars 

Johnny Lima & Martin Sweet 

Thomas Vickström, Nalle Påhlsson & Allan Sundberg - Väsby Rock Allstars 

Cherie Currie & Martin Sweet - Väsby Rock Allstars 

Eric Rivers of H.e.a.t

Erik Grönwall of H.e.a.t 

Nubian Rose 

Joe Retta, Heaven And Earth 

Joe during Man & Machine 

Joe Retta & Stuart Smith - Heaven And Earth 

Stuart Smith 

Lynn Sorensen with his borrowed bass - Heaven And Earth 

Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock 



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