Welcome To My Nightmare

Friday was the warmest day this far and after barely surviving a train journey without any air condition it was time to see Alice Cooper at Gröna Lund, Stockholm.

I’ve seen Alice Cooper once before, he played at Gröna Lund in 2011 as well and I loved the show.
There was a crowd of about 11000 people of all ages at the amusement park, and the band came on to Hello Hooray full of sparks, and the classics just kept coming. Mr Cooper was in good shape and so were the band, and there was hardly any talk between the songs. I really didn’t mind, because the usual “Great to be here, I love Sweden” phrases are slightly worn out.

Next song out was House Of Fire, which I believe everyone could relate to this hot day, followed by No More Mr Nice Guy and Under My Wheels. Alice wanted to bite Nita’s face off during the song with the same name, and dollar notes were thrown out during Billion Dollar Babies.  

The three guitarists - Ryan Roxie, Tommy Henriksen and Nita Strauss - were on fire, and it was awesome to see Nita kicking some serious ass! You go girl!
I also loved the bass/drum solo featuring Chuck Garric and Glen Sobel, they play really well together.

The audience was in good voice, although a bit lazy. Perhaps it was the heat, it was really hot in the crowd. Hey Stoopid was one of those songs people sang along loud and proud to, with that easy catchy Chorus.
After some solos came Welcome To My Nightmare and my dear sister who came along pulled a terrified face upon seeing Mr Cooper in top hat with a boa constrictor around the neck. Yup, she’s scared of snakes! 

Go To Hell and He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) felt a bit unmotivated but Feed My Frankenstein made people wake up again. I mean how rock ‘n’ roll isn’t it with Alice Cooper in a white blood stained doctor’s coat, bringing a mahoosive Frankenstein’s monster to life?
I and little sister threw excited glances at each other as the intro began and cheered along with everyone else when the creation staggered around the stage.

And the shock rock theatre continued! During The Ballad Of Dwight Fry Alice sings in a straitjacket, being studied by a nurse, and the excitement level increased in the audience as the guillotine was rolled out for Killer/I Love The Dead. Alice was caught and placed in the guillotine by the executioner and to a drum roll and loud cheer the blade fell to behead him! Nothing new there really, but it’s like Gene Simmons of Kiss throwing up blood; you know it’ll happen but still it’s one of the highlights. (Don’t judge me.)

Alice soon came back to life and a couple of covers were played; The Doors’ Break On Through (To The Other Side), The Beatles’ Revolution and Nita Strauss was introduced during Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady. Cheeky.
The covers finished off with My Generation and went into good old I’m Eighteen, again with some good singing along and Alice played air guitar on a crutch.

 Poison came second to last and it was long awaited. The crowd went mad and sang along for king and country and it sounded really nice! Alice, now dressed in leather jacket, seemed to approve.
The last song was School’s Out, with Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall featured, where people shouted along. There were soap bubbles, confetti and beach balls out in the crowd and everyone wanted to reach the latter.

Don’t ask me where those two hours went because suddenly the show was over and the 11000 visitors welled out through the gates, excitedly talking. A great time was had by all!
I’d not expected to get to see the Godfather Of Shock Rock again so I’m really pleased to have had the chance again!


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