Days Of Rock 'n' Roll

Saw Europe for the tenth time in nine years on Friday! Can’t believe how time flies!

The first time was at Hovet 9th of November 2006 during the Secret Society tour, and since then we’ve seen them around Stockholm, Gävle, Sweden Rock Festival and Upplands Väsby. On Friday it was at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, and as it’s an amusement park it means no tickets are sold for the concerts there. You only pay the entrance. In other words, we weren’t alone. There was a shit load of people there, and not only Europe fans.
I arrived quite late because of work, which meant that I got to stand on my own quite far back, with my usual gig company out there somewhere on the other side. It was a bit of a contrast to stand there compared to our usual 2nd row, but I didn’t feel like pissing off hundreds of metal heads trying to find my friend in that sea of people.

ANYWAY. The show! It’s heavy, it’s melodic. It’s Europe at their best and I loved the set list, with a nice mix of old and new stuff!
The opening number was the mighty War Of Kings and I almost fell over at the heavy bass riffs Mr Levén produced. Like my friend said afterwards; "Was that John Levén goes solo or what?!". You definitely hear the new songs are much bass and keyboard/hammond organ based instead of the usual guitar oriented sound.

Hole In My Pocket was as razor sharp as on the album and worked great live!!! I’m impressed Joey got the lyrics right and at that tempo without messing it up, well done.
The third song was good old Superstitious with the classical “No Woman No Cry” medley they usually do, which always is great fun!

The aggressive Scream Of Anger and the majestic Last Look At Eden followed, and then they slowed down for a moment with New Love In Town.
Firebox from Bag Of Bones just gets better and better live each time I hear it! Mic, who was wearing a cowboy hat this evening, played a fantastic solo that gave me goosebumps.
And the lights added to it, just wow. REALLY, I’ve seen many bands over the years but Europe’s light show is something special. :)

The Second Day was announced as one of the band's favourites. They're not alone, it's one of my favourites as well off War Of Kings. It’s got the same vibe as No Stone Unturned, love it.
Sign Of The Times began with a beautiful tale like intro by Mic who really must have had a great night because he sounded amazing!

Next out was Carrie, with the whole of Gröna Lund singing along. And so many people filmed it - I learnt my lesson already back in 2006; Don’t film during Carrie! It sounds awful with people singing out of tune around you.
The band seemed to think it was time to stir it up a bit after the sugar sweet ballad and unleashed The Beast. Joey’s vocal intro in the beginning sounded great, that man’s voice gets better with age!

Joey then left the stage and the long awaited instrumental ballad Vasastan began! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT ONE!! It’s so beautiful, what a magical moment to hear that one live. Nothing against Joey but to hear the other band members in an instrumental feature is really lovely. I almost cried.
AND! Just to make it even better, Norum held the note and they went over to the intro to Girl From Lebanon, my favourite. Needless to say, I lost my shit and cheered loudly and my friend might have heard me despite we stood at different ends of the crowd. I heard her too at one point, I think. Oops.

Ready Or Not followed, and I don’t think I’ve heard it live since 2006! It’s great to hear some oldies as well, and this one is extremely catchy!
Before the next heavy rocker, Nothin’ To Ya from the new album, Joey joked that their job is to make some noise and sweat. Could be worse, I guess!
Ian played his William Tell Overture drum solo and like always it makes people laugh and cheer, it’s hilarious. I grinned widely throughout the solo.

Let The Good Times Rock had a great vibe to it, and then came a much welcome surprise: CHEROKEE! Last time I heard it live was 2009 and people always shout requests for it during the shows but now it actually was on the set list! Already when Ian beat the hell out of the drums during the intro the crowd went crazy and then sang along from start to finish, screaming “CHEROKEE! OH!” during the chorus. Great fun when the crowd participates like that!

Rock The Night featured  snippets of both Pugh Rogefeldt's "Stockholm" and The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”, and Joey challenged us a little as well, just as it should be!  
Days Of Rock ‘n’ Roll followed, and just as we suspected at the playback in February it's perfect live! I just wish I had been standing closer and among the more dedicated fans because I think I was the only one bouncing where I was stood.
The Final Countdown finished the set and also Gröna Lund's concert season for the year with everyone singing along loud and proud and jumping along like there was so no tomorrow.

 Wow, what an evening! Europe’s 10th album and our 10th gig, and I hope for many more to come!



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