Kee Marcello Band In Camden

Got round to it eventually, only took me a week!

Well. I and my friend flew over to London over the weekend to meet up with friends and joined one of them seeing Kee Marcello Band at The Underworld in Camden. Could it get any better? One of Sweden's finest guitarists with a superb band at a night club in one of our favourite parts of London! Fucking epic, pardon my French.

We walked up to Camden and therefore missed the first support, Mia Klose, but caught a couple of songs during the main support StOp sToP's set. What a great band, they reminded me of those local bands we used to see back in the day. Very charismatic trio, and the bass playing singer hopped down from the stage into the audience and wandered around and up to the bar. On the way back to the stage he played the Pink Panther theme, which was hilarious!
I really liked the venue! It's small but then you also get closer to the bands. I actually prefer the small intimate gigs to the massive arena shows.

A dramatic intro began and Kee Marcello Band came on, and blew us away! The first song was Seventh Sign from the Europe days, and the whole set kicked ass!
I can’t remember in which order the songs came, but for example we had Here Comes The Night, Halfway To Heaven, Starless Sky (Gladly surprised to hear that one and it sounded fantastic!), Blood, Dead End Highway (One of my favourites from his Judas Kiss album) Zombie, Dog Eat Dog, Get On Top, More Than Meets The Eye, Superstitious…Mainly Europe era songs but I suppose that’s what people know him for, which is a shame because he’s done some great solo stuff!

 A strap snapping during a solo didn’t even disturb the gig. Quickly fixed with gaffa tape or whatever they had at hand, and Kee returned to the microphone and continued playing as if nothing had happened. That’s how the professionals work!

Kee introduced the band and said that this is the best band he’s been in, and I agree this lineup was perfect!
There were Kee himself on vocals and lead guitar, Jonny Scaramanga on guitar, Ken Sandin - who has played with him for over ten years - on bass and Darby Todd on drums. All of them are such great musicians, it sounded so good!
The chemistry was great, the band felt tight and they seemed to have fun up there, which affected the audience as well. The three of us had a blast on front row bouncing about and singing along like our lives depended on it!

Superstitious had a very nice bluesy feel to it, and had a reggae influenced medley after that famous solo. Kee also did this vocal thing challenging the audience and I think we did pretty well, all of us. He held this note for ridiculously long while looking at his invisible watch and waving with the arms, and as we responded you couldn’t miss how amused they were, seeing people’s faces changing colour. I think I laughed throughout that!

The band went off the stage and soon returned for the encores to a very well known intro; The intro to Girl From Lebanon! I don’t think anyone around us could have missed how much I and my two friends love that song, the three of us went mental. The song itself sounded absolutely amazing and the solo was superb! I just don’t get tired of it!

Rock The Night was introduced with a chuckling “You’re never gonna guess what we’ll play next!” and people sang along and punched the air. His version is heavier than Europe’s. In fact, all his versions are!
I wanted to stop the time when the intro to The Final Countdown began; I had waay too much fun and wanted to hear more! They could have played all night, I’d not minded that!
The Underworld went mad during The Final Countdown! The band jumped, most of the audience jumped, and people shouted the lyrics with big smiles on their faces. I thought I’d fall over when it finished! I was so hyper afterwards, what an adrenaline kick that set was.

Last time we saw Kee Marcello Band was in July 2013 and the audience was absolutely rubbish, hanging by the bar most of the time. It was so nice to see a better response this time because he deserves it. Hopefully it won’t take two years until we see them next time, though!

Well, I believe that’s all for this post. I had the best time, thanks to all involved! :)
Keep It Rock, folks!
StOp sToP 

Kee Marcello

Jonny Scaramanga & Kee
Favourite shot!


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