Still Of The Night

Went to my last planned gig of the year on Friday night, Whitesnake! AAAAH. First time seeing them and I really enjoyed it! 
I’ve missed out the previous times they’ve played in Sweden but now I finally got the chance to see and hear the band I’ve grown up with! 

My parents accompanied me but were seated, while I set off out on the floor towards the stage where the support act The Dead Daisies already had started playing. I ended up 5 rows away, not too bad! And for a change I didn’t have a six foot tall person in front of me!
The Dead Daisies is a ‘rock collective’ with members of Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crue and Whitesnake, to name a couple of the members previous bands, consisting of guitarists Richard Fortus and David Lowy, drummer Brian Titchy, keyboardist Dizzy Reed, bass player Marco Mendoza and singer John Corabi (Who must have the same hair stylist as Steven Tyler, honestly!), and they were really good. Quite lame response from the crowd but I quite liked them, such great charisma. Nice warm up, check them out! 

They left us shortly after 8 I believe and the stage was prepared for the main act, Whitesnake! The band came on to an excited cheer and started with Burn, and I knew from that moment that I’d not have much voice left by the end of the show! I’ve wanted to see this band for years but there was always something in the way so I couldn’t see them, but now it finally happened and needless to say I was thrilled to see them! I squealed my head off and sang along from start to finish and my dry hands began bleeding very early on from applauding. Being a rocker and florist isn’t the best combination, but it’s a sign I loved the show I suppose! 

It was even better than I’d expected it to be, that energy both from the band and the crowd was amazing! Of course David Coverdale’s voice isn’t what it was back in the day but I thought it worked well still. Guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra took turns playing the solos and the rhythm section consisting of bass player Michael Devin and drummer Tommy Aldridge sounded very tight together! I felt their keyboardist kind of disappeared in all the heavy guitar sound though, I forgot him until a keyboard intro or solo came actually! 

David, first dressed in a Whitesnake shirt with a Swedish flag on, bless him, seemed happy to see the crowd’s reactions and singing along. There actually was some great singing along throughout the show! David looked around and said they had a new album out, The Purple Album, and commented it with “for fuck’s sake, some of you guys weren’t even born when those songs first came out!”. I’m one of them, this is what I’ve grown up with and embraced. 
DC seemed to be in a good mood and toasted several times with the Swedish audience, shouting SKÅÅÅL (Or SKOOOOOL in his case), quite entertaining!

The setlist was great, I missed the new songs from the Good To Be Bad and Forevermore albums, but I loved hearing the old classics and new versions of the Deep Purple songs. The songs have really stood the test of time! 
Burn was followed by Bad Boys, with the essential howling OW OW OW OWWWW, and Love Ain’t No Stranger before one of my favourites from Deep Purple’s Stormbringer album began; The Gypsy! I love that mesmerising melody!

Give Me All Your Love was one of my favourites of the night, because the singing along there was just...WOW! Out of this world. I stopped singing and looked around and all I could see was hands in the air and people singing their hearts out! What a magical moment. :)

You Keep On Moving was dedicated to Tommy Bolin and Jon Lord and Michael Devin sang Glenn Hughes’ parts alongside David, and it sounded great! Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City was next and was followed by guitar solos by Reb Beach and Joel Hoektstra. Reb played some razor sharp stuff faster than the speed of light and Joel played more melodic, something I rather prefer than hysterically fast stuff!
They played a heavy version of Mistreated and Michael Devin played some harmonica in the beginning of You Fool No One while going from side to side shouting “LEMME HEAR YA OVER HEEEERE” to a well responding crowd, and the riffing and drumming during this was really tight.
I’d also hoped to witness Tommy’s amazing drum solo, and was happy to see he still does it! What a great drummer. And he also threw away the drum sticks and played with the hands, how rock ‘n’ roll is that? Wow!

They slowed down for a moment with Joel on an acoustic guitar alongside David up front, performing the classic Soldier Of Fortune. I had goosebumps, that song is 41 years old and it still works incredibly well! Very beautiful. 
The next song was introduced with a “Stockholm, IS THIS LOOOOVE?”, and Fool For Your Loving came after that one, with people going mad singing along, bouncing and punching the air!
Here I go Again was the last song before the encore, again with some fantastic singing along. Everyone certainly know this 80s rock anthem! You could tell it’s a crowd favourite.
The band went off and came back for the last song, which of course was the classic Still Of The Night where the whole of Hovet went insane! I think every rocker unleashed their inner David Coverdale here as they shouted “OOOH MAMA” and attempted hitting the high notes. Amazing. I’ve used that word a lot but I can’t find any other word!

I thought there’d be another song during the encores, not just one! When the band thanked the audience for a great night and walked off I thought they’d come back on again, so I blinked confusedly when the lights came on again and everyone headed towards the exits, along to We Wish You Well and Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life. What, is it over?!

I found my parents outside the venue and the first thing Dad asked was “How’s your voice?”, and both of them burst out OH MY GOD hearing me and seeing my bloodstained hands. But hell it was worth it! What a night, I’ve finally seen Whitesnake!



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