Sounds Of 2015

Now by the end of the year I thought I'd list three of my favourite albums of 2015. Listed in no particular order. 

1) Europe - War Of Kings 
This is probably my favourite Europe album since the reunion, and I've also got a more personal connection to it as I got to hear it in advance, about a week before the official release. 
Favourite tracks: Hole In My Pocket, Days Of Rock n Roll, Angels (With Broken Hearts), Vasastan 

2) Thunder - Wonder Days.
Superb album by Thunder, reflecting much of their youth. I could listen to Danny Bowes all day, he's got an amazing voice! 
Favourites: Wonder Days, The Prophet, Black Water 

3) Whitesnake - The Purple Album.
The songs I grew up with, and also the band I grew up with! I really like the rawer versions of the Deep Purple songs!
Favourites: Burn, The Gypsy, Sail Away.


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