Dead Drunk Friends - Hollywood Vampires

Been to my first gig of 2016! my first in six months, I usually have about one gig a month. But now I'm back in the loop finally!
Last night was the Hollywood Vampires at Gröna Lund, featuring Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, accompanied by Robert DeLeo, Tommy Henriksen and Matt Sorum.

Well, as I'd suspected, everyone were there to see them. I think most people actually were there to stare at Johnny Depp rather than for the music though. They closed the gates to the amusement park, which says it all! 17000 attendees, I heard!

Of course I had all tall people in front of me so I can't tell much about what went on onstage. But it sounded great at least! I saw half the stage occasionally and it was too crowded to even bother trying to move. Something I did catch though was that Joe smashed his guitar and Alice told him "That's why you can't have nice things".

Here's something that annoys the hell out of me. People who film at gigs; What's the point in watching the show through the camera lens? You've paid to see the band and they are right there. I understand you might want to record some of your favourite moments, but, honestly, filming basically the whole gig?

The Vampires played about 90 minutes I believe, and they paid tribute to some of their old dead drunk friends, such as John Lennon, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison, John Bonham and more recently good old Lemmy. Some of the songs they performed were Come Together, My Generation, Manic Depression, Break On Through (To The Other Side), Whole Lotta Love and Ace Of Spades. The latter got people cheering loudly, I bet Lemmy would have loved that.

This was a nice start of my concert season, a relaxed gig a warm May evening. Next up is Deep Purple!


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