Drop The Bomb

Swedish glam rock band Easy Action has finally released a new single, along with a new video. The new track is called Drop The Bomb and it kicks ass! Really nice one. The band reunited in 2006 for Sweden Rock Festival and also did a couple of gigs after that, supporting Twisted Sister, and worked on a new album called Looking Up Your Old Address. Said album was never finished and in 2011 their current bass player Micael Grimm passed away, and the band have decided not to do any more shows.

My suggestion is, as a fan of the band, get together for that final gig where you send Micael off in style and then put the band to rest if that's the case. Micael wouldn't want the band to stop, as he was a driving force behind the reunion.

The current lineup of Easy Action is:
Zinny Zan - Vocals
Kee Marcello - guitar
Björn "Grizzly" Höglund - drums
Simon Roxx - guitar

For more info about the band, check out their website and Facebook page;


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