Untamer Of Your Soul - Review of Titanic Mass

Time for an update, in the shape of an album review. I meant to post this ages ago but something called work has taken an awful lot of time and energy recently.
Keep in mind that I have no certain knowledge in music apart from that I know what I like.

Here we go! Dynazty have released their fifth album Titanic Mass and I’d like to say they found their sound on the previous album, Renatus, but polished it for this one. I like the keyboards they’ve used in the recordings, both for Renatus and this one, it lightens it up nicely!

The album opens with the first single The Human Paradox, and I find it very easy to listen to. In fact, the whole album is like that. I’m more of a classic rocker, but I like metal as long as it is melodic, something these guys have succeeded in. They keep my attention throughout the album.Two guitars and a super tight rhythm section can end up being just noise, or you get a great sound, like Dynazty.

Untamer Of Your Soul and Roar Of The Underdog comes next, two straight forward tracks with some razor sharp guitars and catchy choruses - Fists in the air! Those two will work well live I’m sure, very uniting songs that will have the fans singing along as if their lives depend on it.
The majestic title track Titanic Mass gives me associations to Sabaton occasionally, I think it’s the harmonies that does it. I absolutely love the guitars towards the end, Love Magnusson and Mike Lavér harmonise very well! Really nice track!

The fifth track, Keys To Paradise, shows off Nils Molin’s vocals. He reminds me a bit of Ronnie James Dio here, in a way.
I Want To Live Forever is my favourite track on the album, hands down. After hearing it the first time I had to play it again. And again. And again. Yeah you get the point. I love this powerful ballad, it slows it down a bit, but without losing touch with the rest of the album.

The Beast Inside has a nice bass/drum intro and it’s not as intense as the previous tracks. It’s a nice follow-up on the ballad, and next up is Break Into The Wild, which stirs it up a bit. Is it just me thinking of James Bond hearing that intro, by the way? Catchy shit.

Crack In The Shell has a nice feel to it as well, it’s very direct and you find yourself headbanging or at least nodding the head slightly when listening.
Free Man’s Anthem follows, a track that gets better for each time I hear it. Very anthem-like indeed, with some great guitars and great lyrics! Majestic, if I’d describe it in one word.

The album closes with the ballad The Smoking Gun, in proper ballad style with keyboards and emotional lyrics, but with a little twist. Nice way to finish off a superb album!
I can’t wait to hear some of the songs live, time to get our on the Swedish roads again, Dynazty!


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