Life Is Beautiful

Meant to post this a few days ago, better late than never, I guess!
Went to see Sixx:A.M at Gröna Lund in Stockholm on Wednesday, after one hell of a day at work so this was a really nice escape.

Sixx:A.M came on at eight opening with This Is Gonna Hurt and I was gladly surprised how good they were actually! I’d not checked them out beforehand but my partner in crime had seen them at Sweden Rock Festival a few weeks ago and she said they were really good, and she wasn’t lying! They have such great presence and loads of charisma, all of them. James Michael united us all clapping along and singing (guess what my hands looked like the day after, ouch!), and I stood all fascinated watching Nikki Sixx’s unique bass playing style and DJ Ashba’s strutting from side to side and creative playing, occasionally throwing the guitar over the shoulder to grab the neck of it when it came back round again. Had I tried that then I’d injured myself!
I have to mention their two backing singers as well, those two were amazing, they really added to the sound!

As I’d not checked them out beforehand, I went in there with an open mind, and I really liked the songs and found them really easy to listen to. Some of the songs that stood out for me were Rise, When We Were Gods, Live Forever, Everything Went To Hell and Life Is Beautiful.

It wasn’t all jumping about though, there was a serious moment during the show as well. James wanted people to hold up their phones and record during Rise Of The Melancholy Empire, in honour of the victims of the tragedy in Florida last week, and share it in the fight against the terrorism.  “We have to stay united, we are all one.”

They walked off after that one, but came back for two encores; Accidents Can Happen and Life Is Beautiful. I loved the latter and the sing-along was just amazing!
Life is beautiful indeed.


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