Rocking All Over Sweden!

Welcome, summer holidays!
I celebrated the first day by seeing Status Quo at Furuvik, Gävle on Saturday with my friend who had come over from the UK to see her favourite band.
The weather was shit on the way there and back with insane rain and thunderstorm but we were lucky during the gig! Just a few small drops of rain!

Quo came on at 8 opening with Caroline and I was reminded of how much I loved their show at SRF 2013 when I first saw them. There is SO much going on. Their stage presence and contact with the audience, jumping and dancing, the dry comments and jokes along with cheeky grins and timeless songs, absolutely amazing! I never stopped smiling during the show, my cheeks hurt!

There was something missing, though. Or someone, rather. Guitarist Rick Parfitt, who was recovering from a recent heart attack. I hope he’s doing alright and is back soon again!

Francis Rossi was talkative and kept us entertained between the songs, for example mentioning that he didn’t like the fairground rides, he made comments about them several times and making vomiting noises that had us in stitches.
“I can’t even look at them because I feel all BLEEEH just watching. Oh and there’s one as well. BLEEH.”
He also moaned about the weather and even had to show us he wore a ski shirt under the shirt because he was freezing.
“It’s been pissing down with rain, and they said it’d be a nice warm evening. Pfft. Are you warm?”
“You’re Swedish. We’re English. We’re weak.”

He also passed on a message from Rick that he wished he could have been there but he was too poorly still, and introduced Freddie Edwards, son of bass player John ‘Rhino’ Edwards, on guitar instead of Rick with the words “Apart from being too tall, too young, too good looking and his son (gesturing at Rhino), everything about him is fine.”
We of course missed Rick but his health is the most important thing and Freddie did such an amazing job playing in his place! He looked so confident and didn't try to pretend being Rick, he played the songs his way and was very modest about it.

Francis announced Hold You Back with “We played this a long time ago, last century in fact. We were Europeans then, we’re not that anymore, I don’t know if you’ve noticed...”
Oh we have, believe me. Would could have missed Brexit?
The set was great, the classics are the songs of my childhood! I remember mum playing their greatest hits on the stereo when I was little. The set was shorter than usual because they had taken out some of the songs Rick usually sing but Rhino sang a bit as well at some points, like Creepin’ Up On You for example. They sounded so good and looked so happy up there, and daddy looked so proud watching Freddie playing. SO amazing to watch, I had the best time.

The Oriental had Francis dancing which was hilarious, he’s such a character. In The Army Now gave me serious goosebumps, it’s one of my all time favourites and one of those childhood songs I clearly remember. The audience absolutely loved it, and sang along for king and country!

Drummer Leon Cave played a superb drum solo with the crowd participating, and it went over to Roll Over Lay Down which sounded amazing. I bounced about to all the songs and sang along whenever I could and grinned constantly, not wanting it to end when they suddenly walked off before the encores.

When they had finished the encores as well and walked off I stared at my gig company like “WHAT is it over already?!”. The time had just flown by, I swear they just came on!

I’m sad they will stop playing electric tours after this year, but I’m really pleased I’ve seen them twice. Legendary Status Quo, probably the most fun and happiest band I’ve seen!

Mr Francis Rossi

Freddie Edwards, Leon Cave, 'Rhino' Edwards, Francis Rossi

Favourite photo

Andy Brown and young Freddie

Rhino singing Creepin' Up On You

Drummer Leon Cave soloing!


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