Stockholm Rocks Summerfest 2016

Went to a half-spontaneous gig on Friday, I decided to attend the first night of Stockholm Rocks Summer Fest at Göta Källare. I wasn’t sure I’d go at first but I’m happy I went in the end. What a night!

The first band, Hysterica, came on around 18:15 and they were alright. Not my type of band, really, but alright. They are a girl band and were heavier than I’d expected them to be, actually. What surprised me was that nobody went up to the stage when they started playing, I think they played one or two songs before the singer waved at people to come closer. Perhaps people were prioritising the bar...

As I'd not heard them before I stood watching and listening with an open mind, but I can't say they caught my interest really.
Hysterica finished around 18:45 I think and the stage was prepared behind the curtain for the next band: Dynazty.

To say I was excited is probably an understatement. I’d listened to this band since July 2013 but hadn’t had the chance to see them until now.
Dynazty came on and burst into the new single The Human Paradox, and I thought I’d fall over when that wall of sound hit me! They were determined to blow the roof off the place, holy shit!
The band was in great shape and looked so happy, all of them. They really love what they’re doing, it’s amazing to watch. Guitarists Love Magnusson and Mike Lavér were synchronised and harmonised very well during the solos and drummer Georg Egg and bassist Jonathan Olsson sounded very tight as well.

There were quite many excited (and not entirely sober) fans pushing on the not so steady barrier, which caused it to move. When Dynazty came on we stood perhaps a metre from the stage, but when people began pushing and leaning against it, I realised we just came closer and closer. Before the set was over, the barrier was more or less against the stage before security realised it.

The setlist was really good, for example they played The Beast Inside, Titanic Mass, Break Into The Wild and my favourite off the new album, I Want To Live Forever. I could have cried with happiness! They also played Cross The Line, Starlight, The Northern End, Incarnation and an obvious crowd favourite; Raise Your Hands, to mention a few more. The latter had the crowd shouting HEY, HEY, HEY HEY HEY as singer Nils Molin counts down the days of the week until Friday night in the lyrics.

Mike, Love, Jonathan and Georg played superb individual solos during the set, they are such great musicians. They might be a metal band, but they have a great sense of melody, and that’s why I like this band so much. Nils of course was in great shape as well vocally, he reminds me a bit of young David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio, because he has a really strong clear voice.
They played about an hour and I didn’t want them to stop! I really enjoyed their set; it’s explosive, fast and so much fun!

Love Magnusson & Mike Lavér


Love Magnusson

Jonathan Olsson

The curtain was eventually pulled aside again about 30 minutes later for the last band of the night; Joe Lynn Turner! One of the voices of my childhood! I’ve grown up with Deep Purple and Rainbow and Joe’s work with the latter has been played a lot throughout the years on the car stereo so I was really excited for this as well!

Joe Lynn Turner might not be the tallest guy in the room but he has a charisma that just explodes out of him, and a great voice!
He explained a few songs into the set that he’d caught some virus caused by a mosquito recently and he didn't feel 100% but said he’d try and manage anyway, and added a “DON’T KISS ME!”.
Funnily enough, he blew me a kiss in the first song. Cheers Joe!

If he had a virus bothering him, then I wonder what the hell he’s like when he’s doing well! He did some gestures at the throat a few times, but I couldn’t tell he had any problems, really. If he’d not mentioned it then I’d never have guessed it!

The set list was really nice, I have to say as well! There were Deep Purple and Rainbow as well as some newer stuff such as Edge Of Tomorrow, a really nice AOR track! This was the first time they’d played it live as well, Joe explained, apologising himself. I thought it sounded great, actually! No need to apologise there!

King Of Dreams, Can’t Happen Here, Street Of Dreams, Jealous Lover, the good old classic I Surrender and Spotlight Kid were a couple of the songs from back in the day, and Mr Turner did a superb job vocally.

I never caught the names of the guitarist, keyboardist or drummer but they all played very well! I did recognise the bass player though, the one and only Ken Sandin whom we saw with Kee Marcello Band in October last year. I’d missed that actually so I was gladly surprised to see him there!

The band decided to do a tribute to Ronnie James Dio and burst into the Rainbow classic Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll! I sang my heart out, in memory of Ronnie and also because I’ve loved that song since I was little!  The whole of Göta Källare sang along, and the atmosphere was magical! We all had the time of our lives, both onstage and in the audience.

I left the venue buzzing, with a massive grin on my face; I’d seen a band I’d wanted to see for years and I’d also seen one of the voices I’d grown up with and both acts completely blew me away! I had the best time and I hope to see both bands soon again. Epic evening!

Joe Lynn Turner and Ken Sandin

Voice of my childhood!


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