Sunstorm - Edge Of Tomorrow

Yesterday I received a copy of Sunstorm’s (Joe Lynn Turner) new album Edge Of Tomorrow, which was released this spring via Frontiers Records, and having rediscovered this voice of my childhood again recently I excitedly started listening to it immediately. I’d thought of buying the album when it was released but never got round to it, and now a friend of mine sent me a CD. Thanks K, I owe you! :)

If you like melodic rock, then I highly recommend this album, it’s really easy to listen to and I’m not skipping any song because all 11 tracks are great! This kind of albums is rare.
Mr Turner has really been blessed with a powerful set of pipes, the voice just seems to get better with age! His fellow band mates have done a superb job on this album as well; I love the lyrics and melodies, with the distinct guitar sound and nice keyboards added to it. The sound is rather heavy but still very melodic and interesting to listen to.

The album begins with Don’t Walk Away From A Goodbye and it feels like something you could have heard in the 80s, it’s got that feel to it, with a catchy chorus. Just listen to that guitar sound! Really nice start of the album.

The title track Edge Of Tomorrow comes next and it was the only song I knew before I got the album. It was performed live for the first time at Stockholm Rocks in July and it worked great live as well!
It’s lyrically, to quote JLT himself, basically a lyric about the apocalypse that's happening right now and the geopolitical situation in our world”.
The video for it was filmed at the Vikos Canyon in Greece, the canyon of the Gods, so it says it all really. Serious topic, and powerfully performed.

Nothing Left To Say has a tasteful guitar intro and it continues throughout the song along with JLT’s strong voice singing about when the hope is lost and the dreams are gone.
Heart Of The Storm comes after, a heavier sounding track. Mr Turner sings this effortlessly as well, and he’s backed up by some great harmonies as well during the chorus. I really like this one, it’s got attitude! I believe this would work well live, I can see fists in the air!

Anthem-like The Sound Of Goodbye has some emotional lyrics about broken hearts and I just love that chorus. I can’t tell exactly what it is but I love this one, as well as the next track, Darkness Of This Dawn. It has the same theme, with a lovely atmospheric keyboard intro, followed by a really nice guitar riff and great soulful lyrics.

You Hold Me Down has a higher tempo with some intense guitars and drumming, but it doesn’t lose touch with the rest of the album. It makes me think of Rainbow a bit, actually. And if you’re a fan of ballads, then check out the beautiful Angel Eyes. Really nice keyboards and guitars on there! Then add those soulful vocals and harmonies to it.

Everything You’ve Got is one of those ‘JLT’ songs, I’ve realised he sings a lot about never giving in, holding on to your dreams etc, and this is a really nice track that I’d say represents him.
Tangled In Blue is a nice straight forward melodic rocker with a catchy chorus that I’d love to hear live, and Burning Fire finishes the album in style with a powerful chorus and harmonies.

I haven’t heard the other Sunstorm albums, so I can’t compare them with this but I think this album overall sounds absolutely amazing, and that this is the sound of melodic rock today, 2016.


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