Whitesnake Live In Sweden

Whitesnake’s The Greatest Hits Tour came to Sweden for two dates; Furuvik on 31st of July and Gröna Lund in Stockholm the day after, 1st of August.
I went to both shows because, why not. I’ve grown up with Whitesnake, both gigs were doable in terms of travelling and why not finishing off the holidays in style with two shows in a row when starting them with two as well?
This tour is also said to be David Coverdale’s farewell to arena rock (Yes I know, they’ve done farewell tours before and continued going but hey), so thereof another reason to go.

The atmosphere was on top both in the crowd and onstage during both shows; Classical hot, sweaty summer gigs! The set list was the classics, so no new material which was a bit sad as I’d wanted to hear stuff from the Good To Be Bad and Forevermore albums but we can’t have it all can we.
DC’s voice sounded better than when I saw them at Hovet in November, and these two shows were outdoors. Sure it sounds rough but I think it still works fine for rock ‘n’ roll.
Guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra were well synched, and bass player Michael Devin, drummer Tommy Aldridge and keyboard player Michele Luppi were in great shape as well.

Seeing a band two nights in a row, isn’t that boring, you wonder? I’ll tell you it isn’t! When they came on at Gröna Lund I was just as excited as I was at Furuvik, 24 hours earlier.  If a band has great music, presence and are interactive with the crowd, then you really don’t mind seeing them again.
What I don’t get though, is when people are at the barrier for a gig and they aren’t taking part in it at all, just leaning against it looking bored and barely applauding. What the hell. Get off it and let someone who deserves it have your place.

Fresh sounding Whitesnake burst into Bad Boys, followed by the classics like Slide It In, Love Ain’t No Stranger, The Deeper The Love (Where DC at the Furuvik show looked very chuffed holding down the mic towards me as I serenaded him, oops!), Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City, the oldie Slow An’ Easy, Judgement Day (I absolutely loved that one, it’s awesome live!), Is This Love etc.

The notorious womanizer Coverdale hasn’t changed much in terms of manners but with his charisma, he gets away with it. Like my friends burst out after the Gröna Lund show; “Talk about sex appeal!”. They’d never seen them before and I think they were gladly surprised.

Then it was solo time, and I honestly don’t mind them. I know many are slaughtering the bands in reviews because they think the solos are too long, but honestly, if they are good musicians, why shouldn’t they be allowed to show that instead of standing in the shadow of the singer?
Reb Beach was first out and played this razor sharp fast and furious solo, which was really cool but I preferred Joel Hoekstra’s more melodic one. He also played some on an acoustic guitar as well during the solo, didn't see that coming! Nice one.

Michael Devin played a funky bass solo, playing about with the pedals on the board, and Crying In The Rain followed where Tommy Aldridge played his superb drum solo in the middle of it, both with and without drumsticks! He’s got such a unique style, I watched in awe especially when he threw the sticks and played with the hands!

Give Me All Your Love and Here I Go Again had nice participation by the crowd during both shows, the atmosphere was absolutely amazing!  The latter was the last song before they walked off before the encore and the old classic still works great, people love it!
They walked off for a couple of minutes before returning for the encore, Still Of The Night. As much as I love that song I didn’t want to hear it because I knew it was the last one! It sounded fantastic though, and like in November the crowd went mental and unleashed their inner David Coverdales. I’ve always liked it, it’s one of my childhood songs.

At Furuvik I was at the barrier, and I had a pick from Joel, as well as a drum stick from Tommy. The latter was bizarre but I’m so chuffed! Tommy came over to throw out the drumsticks and I figured I’d never catch one anyway. The next moment I saw Joel saying something to him, and Tommy leaned forward showing that he’d give one of us at the barrier one of them. He threw it carefully and I and everyone else fumbled for it and it fell to the crowd, and people were hanging over the barrier wanting it. The security guy picked it up and Tommy quickly bent down and put a hand on his shoulder, and I heard him say “Give it to that girl!", pointing at me.
"Her?" the security asked, also pointing at me.
“Yeah, her!” Tommy replied and flashed a big grin at me and the security guy handed it over, making sure I held it so nobody would take it from me. I stared shocked at it and mimed a thank you to Tommy and smiled happily at them all before they left, and people around me both congratulated me and cursed me. Especially one guy, he came up and stood unreasonably close to me staring at it, wondering why the hell I got it.
Well obviously because I showed that I enjoyed the show, you moron. I’d never give you it anyway.

At the Gröna Lund show I and my partners in crime stood on 6th row or so, so I got to see the band from different sides of the stage as well as up close and at a distance. It still feels like you’re part of the show, no matter where you stand.
One of Michael’s picks landed on top of my bag without me noticing until my friend grabbed the bag and showed me it, and the day after Gröna Lund I found one of Reb’s picks in my pocket. I have no idea how it ended up there, because I have no memory of catching one at any of the shows. It must have landed on the edge of the pocket, and then been pushed down by my phone or something. It’s a mystery to me. But the collection looks nice so I'm not complaining!

I have mixed feelings now after the shows. I am incredibly happy having seen one of my favourite bands not once but THREE times in 8 months and twice in two days. I’m thankful for that but I’m also sad that this might have been the last time I’ve seen them as this tour was announced as David’s farewell to arena rock. I don’t know if that means he’ll retire for good after this year or if they might do something acoustic or occasional one-offs, I do hope so because they’re bloody addictive! I had the best time seeing them!

Thank you for two great shows, David, Reb, Joel, Michael, Tommy and Michele!

Photos from Furuvik:

And from Gröna Lund:


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