Kee Marcello Band Live In London

Meant to post this last week, see how well that went! Better late than never I suppose!

We went to see Kee Marcello Band at The Cavern Freehouse in Raynes Park, London last Wednesday. It was billed as a secret warm up show, the night before the actual UK tour had its premiere in Bilston, on September 22nd.
First of all I have to say that I absolutely loved the venue; Great atmosphere, lovely staff and we got to say hello to Dobby the Cavern dog who casually mingled among the attendees. 

Kee Marcello Band went up on the minimal stage around 9:30 pm and played a blinding set. The band was basically the same line-up as when we saw them last year - Kee Marcello on lead vocals and guitar, Ken Sandin on bass and Darby Todd on drums - but this time they were accompanied by Harry Scott Elliott of Kane’d on additional guitar instead of Jonny Scaramanga who had other commitments.
The band sounded very tight and they seemed to have fun together, which was nice to watch. The joy both onstage and in the audience was contagious, my cheeks hurt afterwards from smiling!

They played both Kee’s solo material from the Melon Demon Divine (E.M.D and Blood) and Judas Kiss (Dead End Highway, Starless Sky, Dog Eat Dog, Get On Top) albums and some Europe classics such as Halfway To Heaven, Seventh Sign, More Than Meets The Eye and Rock The Night to mention a couple.
They also played 3 new songs off the coming album Scaling Up and I loved them, especially Soldier Down and the title track! Can’t wait to hear the full album.

They also threw in a surprise in the set, announced as a song recorded with “that other band”; Tower’s Calling! That was unexpected but a nice surprise, the updated version sounded awesome!

The band left the stage for a superb drum solo by the powerhouse Darby who didn’t even look tired by the end of it. Brilliant drummer!
Superstitious was the last song of the main set, with a nice reggae interlude and snippet of The Police’s So Lonely and classic Kee vs an alert audience, always great fun!

As the encores started with the well known intro to Girl From Lebanon, the three of us in the corner went mad. It’s one of my all time favourite songs, really nice to hear it!
The Final Countdown closed the set, naturally, and people happily sang along. No jumping like last year but I can assure you that a great time was had by all!

I really enjoyed the set, I wish there’d been more new material played, but I guess that comes once the album is out next month. But overall it was absolutely amazing, I love those small intimate gigs at places like this.
Great music, nice atmosphere and the best company. Could be worse, eh? This was a well needed break from the everyday life and work, thanks to all involved!


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