Legends Never Die

This day 25 years ago the world lost one of the greatest musicians and frontmen ever, Freddie Mercury, from Aids.
I myself was too young to understand, but Mum got really upset about it. Having been a Queen fan since her teens, this was a big loss for her. She sat crying by the kitchen table when dad came home from work, asking if one of the cats had died. “No, Freddie Mercury has"

I and my sister grew up with Queen and Freddie; I remember “singing” along to Living On My Own and You Don’t Fool Me and meowing along to Delilah when I was little.
I became a fan for real as a teenager, after watching the Greatest Video Hits DVD with Mum, and the love for the band has not faded, more than 10 years later. I still find Queen’s music interesting and exciting, I don’t get tired of them. I do have phases when I don’t listen that much to them, like every music lover has occasionally, but then you hear a song and you’re reminded of why you love them so much.

Queen always been there for me and they made me the person I am today. Without Queen I don’t know what my life would have looked like today. I’ve made so many amazing friends from all over the world through their music and they helped this insecure teenager to gain confidence; you don’t have to do or look like everyone else.

Thank you, Freddie and Queen. 


"When I look, and I find, I still love you. I still love you."


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