Rick Parfitt ~1948-2016~

First of all; Merry Christmas.

Secondly, 2016 can go and fuck itself. We lost so many loved ones this year; I and my sister lost Grandpa in January and the rest of the year has just continued with deaths among some of our finest musicians and actors. I’ll sound very crass now, but 2016 really turned into a big obituary and I fear it’s not over yet.

We lost yet another legendary, amazing musician today – Rick Parfitt of Status Quo.

My family had gathered for Christmas dinner and were exchanging gifts when my cousin checked his phone and told us that ”Rick Parfitt has passed away”. I didn’t know how to react, I was dumbstruck by the news.
I’ve grown up with Status Quo’s classics, and was introduced to them properly when I got to know one of my closest friends, a dedicated Status Quo fan, whom I soon have known for 10 years.

I saw Quo for the first time at Sweden Rock Festival 2013, and I absolutely loved their set. Their music is timeless and there is so much going on. Their interaction with the crowd is so amazing to witness. One of my strongest memories from that set was when Rick spotted said friend of mine, and you saw how he lit up at the sight of her. They really love their fans, and the fans love them.  

The second time I saw them was in July this year at Furuvik, with the same friend. This time Rick wasn’t there, as he’d suffered a heart attack a few weeks prior to this gig so he was recovering from that trauma. Later on in the autumn it was announced that he probably would never return to the band, and he sadly never did.

I’m really saddened about this; my heart goes out to Rick’s family, fellow band members and also to my friend whom I’ve cheekily referred to as “Rick’s girl” for years.
Rick was a real rock star who enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest. There will be nobody like him, and he will never, ever, be forgotten.

Always in our hearts, Goldilocks. <3

Rocking at Sweden Rock Festival 2013

Rick and Francis


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